Taxco Urban downhill race in Mexico

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Great helmet cam footage of Colombian Marcelo Gutierrez’s run at the Taxco Urban downhill mountain bike race in Mexico. Video courtesy of EpicTV and relayed by

I know what you’re thinking: “with all those people standing along the sidelines, surely there must be occasional accidents.”

Why yes, there are.

And, equally impressive stationary footage of the course and some of the racers.

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Homemade date cashew bar

October 24th, 2013 Kevin Posted in Bars, recipe | 1 Comment »

I’m still working through jet lag after returning from Hawaii. For some reason I fall dead asleep at 7pm and wake up an hour later. My body must think it is still in Hawaii and it’s time for an early afternoon power nap. Problem is, that hour-long crash wreaks havoc on sleeping at night. Last night I was still wide awake at 11pm, so I decided to go for a run on the treadmill. Then, naturally I was hungry.

date cashew bar

I spotted a box of dates on the counter and was reminded of a conversation I had with my sister-in-law about Lara Bars. We talked about how good they were and how simple they seemed to be to make – most Lara Bars have less than five or six natural ingredients.

A quick survey of my cabinets revealed that I had plenty of ingredients to combine with the dates for a trial run of home made bars. This had to be quick and quiet because I was hungry and the rest of the house had fallen asleep.

I pitted the dates, which were particularly pastey and peculiarly well-suited to the task, and smashed them into a small porcelain bowl. To the dates I added cashews, quinoa, chia seeds, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips. I began to turn the mixture with a spoon, but the glob of sticky dates simply turned with the spoon. Since I wasn’t going to fire up a mixer at this time of night, I set the spoon aside and dove into the mixture with my hands. This was surprisingly effective and made fast work of combining the ingredients into a tasty-looking conglomerate.

With the mixture sandwiched between two layers of parchment paper, I pressed down with a cutting board to flatten and elongate it. I wasn’t going for any culinary aesthetic awards, however the dates make great sculpting medium and I was able to produce a bar shape with little effort.

When I finally sampled my home made date bar I was completely satisfied. For something that I planned out and prepared in less than 4 minutes, I was quite pleased with the results. I recommend making your own date bars and experimenting with ingredients you have on hand. The recipe, if you want to call it that, is listed below. Enjoy!

45% pitted dates
20% cashews
15% Chocolate Chips
10% Dried Cranberries
5% Quinoa
5% Chia Seeds

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2013 Kona Ironman chalk messages

October 20th, 2013 Kevin Posted in Race recap | No Comments »

Well placed inspirational chalk messages along Hualalai Road in Kona, Hawaii during the 2013 Ironman Triathlon World Championships.

Kona 2013 chalk message

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First annual Crested Butte Fat Bike Race video

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Courtesy of

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Nice ride

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Anyone know where this trail is located?  I want to know so if I’m ever invited to ride it I can politely decline.

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Pumpkin Almond Milkshake

November 6th, 2012 Kevin Posted in recipe | 2 Comments »

This recipe for a Pumpkin Almond Milkshake hit my inbox last night and instantly had my mouth watering.  It comes from the Leadville Race Series November newsletter.  The recipe for this delicious seasonal recovery drink suggests substituting yogurt for the almond milk, but I say hold out for the almond milk.  Save your yogurt for smoothies.

4 ice cubes
8 oz (about 1/2 a typical 15 oz can) chilled or frozen organic pure pumpkin puree, thawed slightly
1/2 to 1 C almond milk
2 tbsp orange juice concentrate
1 tbsp maple syrup (don’t overdo the maple syrup)
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
pinch of freshly ground nutmeg

Layer the ingredients in a blender starting with the ice cubes.  Blitz until smooth and creamy.  Add cold water to thin consistency as desired.

Recipe courtesy of TCoffman, Leadville Race Series Newsletter, November 5, 2012.

I recommend making your own raw almond milk. The process is not too difficult. This simple recipe uses dates as a sweetener which is suggested by the author of the Pumpkin Almond Milkshake:

I also suggest adding a protein boost with a tbsp of Hammer Nutrition Vanilla Soy Protein.

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Wausau24 nutrition

August 14th, 2012 Kevin Posted in Gels, Mountain Bike Racing, Race recap | 1 Comment »

I competed in the Wausau24 mountain bike race this past month and thought I would summarize my race fueling strategy. My brother and I raced in the 2-man 12 hour category over this classic Wisconsin course.  The weather and trails were fantastic this year.

Unlike my other teammates who both vomited fruit punch flavored Accelerade on their first lap, I finally managed a successful eating event.

Two hours before the race I ate a small version of my normal breakfast: cereal with milk, toast with peanut butter, and orange juice.  I took it easy on the milk.

Thirty minutes before the race I supplemented with two Hammer Nutrition Race Caps and a B vitamin.  This was to help moderately elevate my energy level by increasing nutrient absorption from the food I would be eating throughout the day.

During each hour-long race lap I consumed one gel (either PowerBar Gel or Gu), 18 ounces of Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem, and 18 ounces of Herbalife24 Hydrate.  Whatever was left in the bottles I finished shortly after completing the lap.

Between laps I downed two Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes and ate small quantities of solid foods.  I was able to eat solids because my race pace was moderate and my heart rate wasn’t ever spiking into anaerobic territory.  The solid food consisted of pretzels with peanut butter, a bite of deli chicken breast, and some fruit.  I sipped water as needed during this time.

That was it.  Pretty Simple.

It has taken me a number of years to understand and respect race fueling.  Not only did my fueling strategy for this race result in no ill effects (my primary goal) but it also gave me a needed boost in performance.  I felt as if I raced better than my minimal training should have allowed.

Curiously, Accelerade advertises itself as an endurance, rehydration, and recovery drink.  A real jack-of-all-trades sports drink.  But these are really three different nutritional needs that shouldn’t be combined for endurance racing.

Crank Sports offers a spot-on explanation as to why protein should not be in your sports drink.  Basically, proteins and fats need to run through your digestive system to be processed.  During endurance racing, your body is not in the best mode for this time-consuming, oxygen-intensive bodily function.  And what your body doesn’t want, it will do its best to get rid of.

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Usain Bolt vs. Carl Lewis

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I appreciate Usain Bolt’s talent for sprinting amazingly fast. He’s got a gift for propelling himself down the track faster than anyone else and making it look easy. I’m almost taken aback when I see sweat on his brow after a race.

But, I could do without the pre and past race gesturing. I will remember Carl Lewis’ expressions of pure elation far longer than I will remember Bolt’s cockiness.

Usain Bolt 2012 finishCarl Lewis 1992 finish

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Race nutrition advice from Leadville website

July 9th, 2012 Kevin Posted in Gels, Mountain Bike Racing, Supplement, Women-Specific, recipe | No Comments »

The latest Leadville Race Series newsletter featured two articles from the “Race Across the Sky” website about race day nutrition. The first article is by multiple Leadville 100 women’s champ, Rebecca Rusch. She writes about eating her way up the race food chain from Gummi Bears (TM) & Cheetos (TM) to more balanced carb and protein options like GU Roctane. Read the full story here.

The second article is a recipe for breakfast quinoa by TCoffman.  Think quinoa enhanced yogurt.  Just remember to prepare the quinoa the night before or you may be headed to the office or starting your workout with yogurt sans quinoa!

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Chris Akrigg video

June 2nd, 2012 Kevin Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

Nice series of MTB vids by rider Chris Akrigg.

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